The World is Shifting, and So Are We!

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Covid-19…The Virus…Coronavirus…The Rona

Whatever you refer to it as, it’s led to us all changing our lives drastically over the past 8 weeks.  Personally, we’ve been trying to navigate this new world of being small business owners, mothers of 1st grade boys, and now part time teachers (not our expertise, we assure you – HA!). 

Our brick and mortar store has been shut down for 8 weeks.  During this time, we’ve chosen to take a long, hard look at our business and made decisions on how we can continue to deliver the BEST service and products to you and all of our customers…and we have some EXCITING stuff going on!

Our Farmington store is located within a salon.  As of today, salons and other small businesses in CT are allowed to reopen May 20…with LOTS of rules and regulations.  Theoretically, it would be pretty easy for us to abide by those standards in the store.  In reality, there will be a legal limit on the number of people in the salon / store space at one time.  The hairstylists will be working hard to balance clients and adhere to the new standards. That being said, it would be near impossible for us to schedule consistent store hours without impacting their business (and vice -versa).  Let’s be honest – no one knows how long these restrictions will last, and we all know things won’t be back to “normal” for a LONG time. 

If you know us, you know we pride ourselves on honesty…so here’s the scoop.  Our long-term goal has always been to become an online-only boutique.  In fact, right before the pandemic started, we had a business meeting to discuss the timeframe we saw that happening.  Well, who knew we would have a trial run before making the decision!?  While forced to do business solely online, we were so amazed at how many of our customers barely skipped a beat.  You continued to reach out and support Thistle + Reed, and for this we are so grateful. It’s given us to courage to chase our end goal…

Effective immediately, we’ve decided to close our Farmington, CT location permanently and focus on growing Thistle + Reed online (woot woot!)  We’re not going anywhere…we’re just shifting to fit into our new world. 

This new business model will allow us to continue to offer you the BEST selection of products, as well as a BIGGER assortment of products.  We’ll be able to continue, and even improve on, fun ways to tell you about new items –through better photos, more videos and exciting emails! 

Let’s start NOW…

We’re proud to announce the launch of our new “Comfy in Quarantine Collection”

We’re all craving comfort right now.  Our new collection is ALL about comfort, function, versatility and inspiring smiles.  Think apparel you can wear at your computer, while running out to stock up on toilet paper, while binge watching Netflix, or out on a walk to get some fresh air (and man, we don’t know about you…but there’s been a whole lot of walks and hikes going on in our households).  Tees that inspire you to be the best person you can be, and some that you can relate to and make you laugh.  And ladies…let’s not forget the facemasks.  We all gotta wear them now, might as well make them cute!

Check out our new collection here: Comfy in Quarantine

We’re so excited about our next chapter, and thank you for joining us on our journey!  Here’s some inspirational words we recently came across that spoke to us.  We’re hoping it helps inspire your next chapter.

Shannon & Marisa


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