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The world, especially right now, is filled with stress.  Personally, we’re dealing with the everyday pressures of balancing work, family, schooling our boys, and well…just life in general.  We’re pretty positive people, but let’s be honest, it can be HARD at times.  We have that mom brain – you know, the one that keeps going and going ALL DAY LONG and then doesn’t stop at night?  Yup, that’s the one, and it’s exhausting! 

About a year ago, we had a friend tell us about CBD oil and how it can help with every day stress, anxiety and occasional insomnia. Honestly, we didn’t really give it a second thought, partially because we didn’t really KNOW exactly what it was.  We thought it had something to do with marijuana plants and we don’t use marijuana. (NO judgement here if you do use it.  While we prefer our adult beverages, we want you to do you!)  After that, we kept hearing about it and seeing it everywhere. piqued our interest and we started digging.  We educated ourselves all about CBD and became obsessed.  Once we got the facts and understood it's benefits, it was a no-brainer and we gave it a try!

CBD has a mild effect, but it’s still noticeable.  It doesn’t impair your ability to take care of the kids, or do your work.  It doesn’t negatively alter your mental state or alertness…it just takes the edge off.  It makes us a little calmer and a little more patient (and if you’ve ever had to argue with a child about doing schoolwork you KNOW how much patience is required).  Rather than getting frustrated by the boys making another mess, or not listening, or not doing their work (basically kids being kids but in that special way that drives moms nuts), we take a deep breath and think it ok…it’s no big deal. That right there is a big PARENTING WIN!   And while we LOVE our wine, no one wants to start their day with that fuzzy head feeling from one glass too many (and right now it’s way too easy to lose track, Ha!). 

We text and call each other about a hundred times a day.  This isn’t an exaggeration, just the reality of being friends and business partners!  When we can tell the other one is stressed out, or when we have something big to work on, our question is always “Did you take your CBD?”  It’s now a part of our mental wellness and normal routine.  It’s changed our lives so much that we made the decision to offer CBD oil at Thistle + Reed.  We worked directly with an experienced, reputable hemp product manufacturer to bring you a high-quality CBD oil extracted from organically grown hemp.

What is CBD and will it get me high?

Ok, here’s the “CBD for Dummies” version.  There are tons of compounds found in hemp plants, but two of the most known are CBD and THC.  THC (or if you want to get fancy, tetrahydrocannabinal) is the compound that has the psychoactive effects - in other words, it’s the stuff in pot that gets you high.  CBD (cannabidiol) is also a compound in the plant, but it is non-intoxicating.  Manufacturers have figured out how to separate JUST the CBD from hemp plants. This allows them to make products that have all the health and wellness benefit without the high. 

There is tons of information out there that you can google, educating on all the benefits of CBD.  We aren’t here to tell you it’s a replacement for medication, or to make medical claims.  We simply wanted to share our personal experience and how CBD oil has changed our lives and our health and wellness routines. 


Shannon & Marisa

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