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Our Favorite Essential Oil Combinations - We're Obsessed!

It’s no secret…Marisa and I LOVE our essential oils.  In fact, it might be safe to say we are a bit obsessed!  The obsession didn’t happen overnight, but for both of us it started when we had our kids.  Marisa was sick of using over the counter products to help with her son’s seasonal congestion and wanted to have less chemicals in her home.  I was done with doctors prescribing steroid creams for my son’s eczema.  After research and trial and error, we both found natural, oil based remedies to help. 

Fast forward to today, a few years later…we use oils DAILY in both of our homes.  We actually get excited to share different oil blends with each other.  We also laugh at ourselves…when we get stressed, we joke about which oils we need to diffuse – when our kids are running around and wearing us out, we joke about which oils we need to diffuse – when our husbands are driving us crazy, we joke about which oils we need to diffuse. Luckily our husbands have officially accepted that oils are now the new norm in our homes and our kids ask for them by name.  

We thought it would be fun to share our favorite essential oil blends with you. Our favorite way to use oils is to diffuse them in our homes.  

Marisa’s Favorite

Mix equal parts of Peppermint, Lavendar and Lemon

These three oils together are amazing for clearing your head and getting you energized for the day! Plus, as an added bonus ... your house smells fabulous. Peppermint combats fatigue, is energizing and also helps with headaches. Lavender calms your nerves and helps relieve stress, Lemon is refreshing and cleansing. I use this blend all the time as my go too oil blend in the morning and afternoon to get me going. 

Shannon’s Favorite

Mix equal parts Lavendar, Frankincense and Orange

I mix these three oils to alleviate stress, decrease anxiety and keep a positive mood.  When I am diffusing them, it reminds me of a spa, which puts me in my happy place. The lavender is calming and is helpful in emotional balance.  The frankincense lifts your spirits and can improve your attitude.  Orange is a very uplifting scent.  These oils combined are my latest go to.

If you have a favorite oil or oil blend that you LOVE please share it with us!  We would love to try it…and if you try one of ours, we would love to know what you think!

Marisa + Shannon xoxo


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