Are you spring ready?

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We don't know about you but we are soooooo ready for spring. We just love that carefree feeling we get on a beautiful day when that warm sun is beaming!

Apparently mother nature had something else in store for the 1st of April up in the Northeast. Thanks for that not so funny April fools joke of freezing rain and snow....ugh.

BUT...We're going to keep our mindset on a warm spring day with the flowers budding, birds chirping and sun shining.....Ahhhhh, that's better!  It's time to change over those closets...white denim and sandals here we come!  

There are some exciting trends happening this spring -  back details, floral prints and bare shoulders.  We're talking off the shoulder, cold shoulder, one shoulder... you name it, it's happening with shoulders! Maybe we should start doing some push ups or something to tone up?!

Whether you are going away for April vacation, spring break, or just ready to lighten up your closet, Thistle + Reed has some ADORABLE new styles that just hit and more coming every week that will put a pep in your step as we make our way to warm weather. Check out our New Arrivals that keep coming weekly... and below are some of our favorites for a sneak peak.

You can shop us online at or come to one of our events. Check out our website to see a full list of where we will be, or follow us on Facebook or Instagram.  Have a group of friends that love to shop?  Book us for a home party...let the shopping come to you!



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